Custom Docker images are very useful in a CI pipeline to test your application. With a custom image you can skip installation skips on every run because they are already done in the image. This saves time and result in faster feedback. The beauty is that the building of the docker images can also be done with GitLab CI. In this post I will explain how I do this.

First you need a Dockerfile like building a docker image on your local machine. In example from:

FROM php:8.0

RUN rm /etc/apt/preferences.d/no-debian-php && \
apt-get update -yqq &&…

  • It shouldn’t be too difficult if you use Laravel a lot
  • It can be useful for marketing
  • It can be useful to prove that you have knowledge from Laravel
  • If you didn’t have a lot of experience with Laravel it can take a lot of time to study.
  • I will not share any question or answer.

I have got multiple questions about the Laravel Certification, because of that I decided to write something about it and answer the questions I get.

First of all, what is the Laravel Certification?

The Laravel certification is a certification that proves that you have…

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